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Google Drawing: Create a Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow Google Drawing
Google Drawing: Create a Drop Shadow
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I think I have an addiction to creating drop shadows in Google Drawing (and Google Slides.) It just adds a little pop to all of my text. Notice the two images I created in Google Drawing. The one on the left ,the Control W (which closes a browser tab by the way) has a drop shadow. On the image on the right there is no drop shadow.

3 Dots Menu

Depending on the width of your screen you may not see all of the icons in the Google Drawing toolbar. Notice if you make your browser window skinnier that it shows fewer icons in the toolbar. They are all pushed into the 3 dots “More options” menu in the toolbar.

Format Options

Typically Format Options is hidden under the 3 dots More options menu. Create a textbox with text and use the 3 dots menu to select “Format options.” This will open up a sidebar.

Format Options Sidebar

Under format options there is a checkbox to select “Drop shadow.” You can not apply it to part of the textbox, you must apply it to the entire textbox.

Twitter Image Template

I have created a Google Drawing template that is 400 by 200 pixels. Your tweets get 30% more engagement when they have an image. Make a copy of the Google Drawing and then right click on the Chrome tab to “Pin tab.” Create a textbox and apply the drop shadow. Each time you want to make a tweet edit your Google Drawings and use the File menu to “Download” and choose “PNG.” You can literally drag your downloaded image into a new tweet.

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