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Math Teachers: Using GeoGebra in Remote Learning

Using Geogebra for Remote Learning

GeoGebra is a digital math platform. Perhaps like me, you’ve had some preconceptions about GeoGebra and didn’t think it quite fit in with what you are doing with your math students. However, GeoGebra works great no matter your topic! Heck, you could use it for non math topics as well. GeoGebra allows you to create a page or a “book” (set of pages) with interactive text. It even works with Google Classroom! Check out this 3 part series where Tim Brezinski teaches me how to easily create math lessons with GeoGebra.

Start by logging into and clicking on “Sign in.” You can sign in with your Google account, which is what I do.

Search for pre-made resources at the top of GeoGebra or click on “Profile” on the left hand side to choose “Create.”

Choose to create an “Activity” to get started. You can pull multiple activities together to make a book later. Suggestion to start small 🙂

Design Activity

The activity page is basically a webpage. You can just put your instructional text on it. You can embed a YouTube video if you want or even embed your Google Form or Google Slides. See above videos for more details on how to do that. You don’t need to get fancy. GeoGebra allows you to build your math instruction webpage.

Add elements

Save and Close

After creating your activity, click on “Save & Close.”


Saving will add the activity to your profile. Click on the 3 dots on the activity tile and choose “Share.”

This will allow you to copy the link and share the link or to push it to Google Classroom.

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