Flipgrid screen recording

Flipgrid is awesome and it keeps getting awesomer!! Flipgrid is DESIGNED for schools. It is not a corporate product hacked for classroom use. Flipgrid is designed for student voice and engagement. SCREEN RECORDING was just added to the the options of ways students can share their learning.

Flipgrid is social learning for PreK to PhD learners and beyond!

3 Dots

3 dots should always make you excited!!! This is the MORE OPTIONS menu and you’ll find it all over the place. While firing up to record a Flipgrid response, click on the 3 dots to the left of the video record button.

This was INSANELY easy! I clicked the 3 dots, choose Screen Recording, chose which window I wanted to record, stopped recording, and was taken to the submit screen.

Explain Your Thinking

Let’s go beyond students just writing things down and turning in. Get them to TALK ABOUT IT! Screen record the worksheet/activity/assignment and share their thoughts. I can assess students beyond what they can write on a line when they tell me about it. Flipgrid is also fun!! I can make a fun filter, write on the screen, whiteboard my thoughts, add stickers, and more.

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