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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Free Writing Lessons on Instagram with @kellyyanghk

Free writing classes on instagram by Kelly Yang
Free Writing Lessons on Instagram with @kellyyanghk
Kelly Yang is offering free writing lessons for high school students on Instagram

Kelly Yang, NYT bestselling author of FRONT DESK, THREE KEYS (2020) & PARACHUTES (2020), Winner of the 2019 Asian Pacific American Award for Literature has offered FREE writing classes through Instagram. Many of my high school students are already on Instagram so this is a great resource for those students to participate.

What Are They Learning?

I highly encourage teachers to severely reduce how much they are assigning to students when doing remote learning. It takes longer to do remote learning assignments and it is going to take awhile just to adjust on how to even learn this way.

Have an assignment that is open ended for them to submit ANYTHING they learned. I know my personal children, including my 7 year old, are always learning new things on YouTube and other places. Now that they’ve been home I’ve been impressed with what new things they are challenging themselves with learning.

Count whatever students learn for credit.

Not all students can take advantage of Kelly Yang’s Instagram writing lessons, but consider making it an option of many options. And as always, submit evidence.

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