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Find Support… With Twitter

lurk to find support on Twitter
Find Support… With Twitter

The Twitter Teaching Community is Stepping Up with Support

If you are not on Twitter now is a great time to start LURKING! Educators and EdTech companies are out in force with resources specifically focusing on how to make shifts in distance learning. You do not need a Twitter account to take advantage.

How to Lurk

The key to Twitter for teaching is to not follow Justin Bieber 🙂 You have to find educators if you want teaching tips from Twitter. The pattern is to type http://twitter.com slash the educators Twitter handle.

For example: My Twitter handle is @alicekeeler so the link http://twitter.com/alicekeeler will take you to my tweets.

You do not need to follow a lot of people. If they are following educators and retweeting the good stuff then a great strategy is to follow a couple of educators who are good about retweeting. Then you don’t have to filter through so many tweets or things that are off topic.

A Few Educators Who Are Sharing

This is far from a comprehensive list. Less is more. Pick one or two who

?The Merrills are a husband and wife team who are both elementary teachers, author’s of The InterACTIVE Class and excited about sharing:

?Randall Sampson is the founder of #PersonalizedPD. He’s putting out tips, video support, and sharing:

?Holly Clark is the co-author of Google Infused Classroom and Microsoft Infused Classroom. She is doing regular interviews and webinars with tips on remote learning:

?Andi McNair is an expert in genius hour and is creating resources and sharing other people’s resources:

?Lauren Hawkins is a teacher on a roll sharing resources she finds on remote learning:


Hashtags are how Twitter organizes tweets. If you look up a hashtag you can find people talking about the topic even if you do not follow them. The default is to show you top tweets. Make sure you click on “Latest” to see what everyone is saying on the topic.


Many teachers are using the hashtag #remotelearning to share their tips, template, ideas and moral support.



Another hashtag for tips on working from home as an educator is #StayHomeEd



The #MTBOS is active all year with providing support for math teachers. This is where I regularly find people sharing “this math activity I did with my students was awesome.” Perfect, stealing that. Thank you.



Another hashtag being used by educators is #homelearning


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