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Math Teachers – Remote Learning with EquatIO

Math Teachers EquatIO for Distance Learning
Math Teachers – Remote Learning with EquatIO
math teachers equatio for distance learning

EquatIO Mathspace for Student Math Work

Texthelp, the makers of Read&Write, have videos on their site to help with remote learning. EquatIO math space is an open canvas for students to add math, shapes, and text.

New Space

Click on “New Space” to open up a math canvas. The toolbar along the bottom allows you to type math, insert a Desmos graph, handwrite math, voice type math, or if you do your math on paper use your phone to add the math to the space. You can also draw and add shapes to the canvas.

Students Mathspace

download as PNG

Students can go to EquatIO.texthelp.com to do their math. They create their own mathspace. Students can either use the EquatIO menu in the bottom left to download as a PNG to submit or use the Share icon in the top to send you a link to create a copy.

Assign to Students

Instead of students starting from a blank mathspace, you can create a mathspace for them. Design the template from which students would start the mathspace. Click the Share icon in the upper right.

The default is to create a link that when the person clicks on the link a copy will be made for them to edit. This allows you to share templates with students. Your school will need a site license to EquatIO to take advantage of the assignments option in EquatIO that expects student responses.

Share the link with your students.

Share to Classroom

EquatIO mathspace shares to Google Classroom.

Student can then send you a link back with their copy of the work or download a PNG of their work and send it back.

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