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HyperlinK Your Text

Hyperlink Text
HyperlinK Your Text
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Control K

Use Control K to Hyperlink

A link to a Google Doc or other URL’s can be ugly. They make your email and documents look terrible. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SGwgrFL9Oi7uR121e_Yzc4Hb6xqmEWlj_LHgMbZ6aEM/edit#gid=816479777


A hyperlink is text that when clicked leads to a URL. CLICK HERE.

A Hyperlink Caution

Some websites or URL’s are bad sites. The problem with a hyperlink is you do not know where it is taking you. Before clicking on hyperlinked text HOVER over the text. BEFORE clicking on the link below, hover your mouse over it and look in the bottom left of the screen for where that link is actually going. I use BirdSend for my newsletter provider, so you will notice the actual link is a BirdSend form.


Where the link really goes

Control K

Handy to notice, the word hyperlinK ends in a K! The keyboard shortcut is Control K (Command K on a Mac.)

Control K

Highlight Text

Type what you want the person to click on and highlight this text. Hold down the Control key and press K to set the URL that the link will connect to.

highlight text and use Control K to hyperlink

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