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Trace by @stickermule

Trace by Sticker Mule

Remove Background Images with Trace

I must confess I LOVE Sticker Mule. They don’t just have the best sticker website, they have the best website. If you want to see what really good website design looks like, check out Sticker Mule. So when they emailed me to say they have a new product to remove background images I thought… this has to be good! AND IT IS!

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Trace by Sticker Mule

This was super easy! SUPER EASY! I went to stickermule.com/trace and clicked the “Upload photo” button. (I was signed into my Sticker Mule account first, which allows me to connect via my Google Account.)

Trace by Sticker Mule

It opens a picker to choose a photo from my computer. Then it just does it. No choices, no steps.


Use the “Download” button to download the image with the transparent background. You can also add a background color or image if you want. That is it! Done!

Marcia with the background removed

Drag from Download Bar

If you use Google Chrome you will notice when you download images they go to a bar at the bottom of the screen. You can grab the file from the download bar and drag right into Google Slides.

Order Stickers

As I had hoped, Sticker Mule makes it wicked easy to turn your picture into stickers. Now I am in trouble, as if I didn’t have a sticker making addiction to begin with!

Create stickers from the image

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