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Desmos – For Math Teachers

Desmos – For Math Teachers
teach math with desmos

Desmos Changes How We Teach Math


Desmos Online Workshop
Starts August 5th. Register at alicekeeler.com/goslow

Desmos is so much more than an online graphing calculator. Check out teacher.desmos.com for building interactive math lessons.

Desmos allows us to move from doing math to exploring math.

Try out this slope of the line activity to “Land the plane” from desmos.com

Slope of the line activity code nd7 caq

Built in Discussion

Classroom discussion is highly rated for learning. Moving your math problems to Desmos not only allows you to see an overview of what students are answering but allows you to anonymously share student work with the class with the press of a button. Easily facilitating mathematical conversations.

Desmos dashboard

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