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Google Forms and More Workshops

Free Google FOrms online workshop
Google Forms and More Workshops
Free Google Forms Online Workshop

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Google Forms Tips

  1. Try http://forms.google.com to see a list of your Google Forms.
  2. Always click on the settings cog and check all your settings each time you make a Form. Including making sure that the form can be filled out by people not at your school (default is school only).
  3. Use the 3 dots menu in the upper right to choose “Preferences” and set it to always collect email addresses on all future Forms.
  4. Click on the Responses tab and create a spreadsheet.
  5. You can link the Form responses to an already existing spreadsheet! You can have more than one Form go to the SAME spreadsheet. So if you want all your quizzes results in the same place all year, simply connect them all to your “2019 Quizzes” spreadsheet and stop digging around your Google Drive.
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