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Delete Resolved Comments from Google Docs

Delete Resolved Notifications
Delete Resolved Comments from Google Docs

Comments in Google Docs Resolved

Google Docs (Sheets and Slides) are amazing for collaborating. The ability to insert comment notes to collaborators to interact around ideas is a game changer. But what about when they resolve the comment? You get an email that the comment was resolved. I’m sure some people love that, I feel like it was a waste of my time clicking on an email. Wait, not an interaction not a resolve? Ugh.

Insert a Comment

There are multiple ways to insert a comment into a Google Doc. My favorite is the keyboard shortcut Control Alt M.

You can also highlight text in the Google Doc and a comment icon will show up on the edge of the Google Doc.

Another option to insert a comment is to use the Insert menu.

And the last option for inserting a comment is to right click and choose Comment.

Resolving Comments

Comments can be responded to, but once the comment has been addressed you want to resolve the comment. Click on “Resolve” on the comment.

But the EMAIL

This will send an email to the collaborator that the comment has been resolved. I personally want the email notifications that they left me a comment but not so much on the ones that are just “resolved.”

Turn Off Notifications

If you want to turn off ALL notifications click on the comments icon at the top right next to the Share button. Notice the “Notifications” options in the comments panel. This will allow you turn off notifications for this document only.

Instead, Filter

Instead of turning off all the email notifications from a Google Doc, filter Gmail for resolved comments. The exact text in the email is

Marked as resolved

In the search box at the top of Gmail, type in “Marked as resolved” and then click on the tiny triangle to show filtering options.

Create Filter

The default is to search for those words, we want to “Create filter.”

Actions – Delete It

The next screen after choosing “Create filter” allows you to choose what actions you want to have happen when an email comes in with that criteria. In this case you want to checkbox “Delete it.” To retroactively apply the filter checkbox “Also apply filter to matching conversations.”

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