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Google Sheets: Translating Languages

Translate quickly in google sheets

I was honored this week to speak with educators in Barcelona. While I know some Spanish, I am not fluent. Wanting to use a Google Form to collect responses from audience members I knew that my Spanish was not sufficient to quickly translate and understand. Google Sheets however makes it easy to translate.


The formula =GOOGLETRANSLATE() will convert text in one language in Google Sheets to another language.

CopyDown Add-on

The copyDown add-on for Google Sheets will automatically copy a formula in a spreadsheet upon Form submission.

Install the copyDown add-on

Create a Google Form. On the Responses tab, select the spreadsheet icon. In a blank column for the first response to the Google Form write the formula =GOOGLETRANSLATE(). Use the Add-on menu in the spreadsheet to select “copyDown.” The add-on will automatically detect the formulas you have written in the spreadsheet and allow you to copy that formula to each row dynamically as entries are made to the Google Form.

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