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Progress Bar of Objectives Template

Progress Bar Template
Progress Bar of Objectives Template

Progress Bar Template

Google Sheets Template for Monitoring Progress

When looking at skills, objectives, and goals it is not always a one and done that we can check off. I like to say that the English standards are more habits of practice than something you can check off. So how do we monitor students doing something repeatedly over time towards a goal?

Google Sheets

Remember, the answer is always a spreadsheet 🙂 I created a Google Sheets template to allow you to list standard, goals, soft skills, behaviors, or whatever you want. Set a target, how many times would you like to see this demonstrated to be able to check it off? Put that number into the Goal column (C).
Objective Tracker progress bar


Click here to make a copy of the template.

Mark it Off

To the right of each standard/objective, you can mark off how many times you observe the standard or behavior. Place an x (or anything) into the cells starting in column E. You may weight an observation with multiple “x”s.
Progress bar marking with xs


I have coded a menu to send the current tab via email to someone. Click on the Send menu next to the Help menu and choose “send.” You will be prompted for an email address. Note: You will need to authorize the script. You might get a screen of doom from Google with a big back to safety button. Google is just telling you that no one at Google as reviewed my code. You need to click on “Advanced” and “Unsafe” (it’s safe) to authorize.
send menu

Install TemplateTab

TemplateTab will make a copy of a graphic organizer (like this one) for each student on your roster. You can use the same one spreadsheet for all of your students. You can go to alicekeeler.com/templatetab to make a copy of the TemplateTab template or (and I recommend) join my beta testers group and install TemplateTab permanently.


Use the Add-on menu to “Setup sheet.” This will insert a sheet for you to paste your roster. Come back and “Run TemplateTab.”
SEtup sheet with templatetab

Google Slides: Frayer Model

4 thoughts on “Progress Bar of Objectives Template

  1. Extremely cool and I can see all kinds of uses for this. Thanks for posting it.
    PS. There is a good chance I will be teaching in Mainland China next year and of course, nothing Google works there. Will this template run in Excel or OpenOffice? I am going to try it now but thought I would ask.

  2. Can you tell me if there is a way to get this chart with the template tab already installed? When I copied and pasted it into a template tab sheet I lost a lot of the formatting.


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