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#DitchSummit: The FREE Netflix of online professional learning

#DitchSummit: The FREE Netflix of online professional learning

Binge on FREE #DitchSummit video presentations in December

A Guest Post by Matt Miller

What if you had access to a sort of Netflix for really good online professional development?

You know, not boring videos of stuff that you’ll never use, but practical ideas. Inspiration. Plug and play activities you can use in class tomorrow. And from speakers you KNOW you’ll love to listen to.

Well, that Netflix of professional development exists, and it’s only available for a couple weeks in December!

Oh, and it’s FREE.

I’m Matt Miller, Ditch That Textbook author/blogger/speaker, 10+ year classroom teacher, and co-author of Ditch That Homework with Alice Keeler.

Free, amazing professional development

I put on a free online conference for teachers each year called the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit. Here are the details:

  • It runs from December 14 through 31 with a NEW presentation each day for the first nine days.
  • Video presentations are about 45 minutes each.
  • I hand-pick my favorite presenters on a diverse set of topics.
  • They’re on-demand, so you can watch when you want (as many times as you want).
  • You can get a certificate of completion for FREE professional development hours (as long as your school or district accepts them).
  • This year, we’ll have a total of 35 videos you can watch on a wide variety of topics.

If you’re a fan of Alice Keeler and all things Google (and I know you are!), you’re going to love several of the videos available in this year’s summit.

This year’s NEW presentations

Here are some new Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit presentations this year that are right up your alley:

  • Tony Vincent (fifth grade teacher and LearningInHand.com) shares practical ideas and tips about using Google Drawings for learning in class.
  • Jornea Erwin (Google Certified Innovator and Flipgrid’s Head of Educator Innovation) shares ideas, tips and practical examples for app smashing.
  • Claudio Zavala (tech integration specialist from Texas) shares LOTS of tips and examples for creating great video content and projects in the classroom.
  • Matt Miller (that’s me!) shares examples of how technology can really move the needle for learning.

Other new presentations in 2018 include Ron Clark Academy co-founder Kim Bearden, EdTechTeam international speaker Ken Shelton, and many more.

Binge on the #DitchSummit library

There are dozens of videos from previous years of the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit, and all of them are still SO relevant. Here are some I’ll bet you’ll love watching:

  • “Ditch That Homework” with Alice Keeler and Matt Miller
  • “The Google Infused Classroom” with Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark
  • “Supercharging Your Class with Google Tools” with Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning
  • “How in the Google Did You Do That???” with Eric Curts of ControlAltAchieve.com
  • “HyperDocs with Lisa, Sarah and Kelly” with the HyperDocs Gals
  • “Coders Who Create in ALL K-12 Classrooms” with Bryan Miller of Wonder Workshop

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Get your FREE ticket to the #DitchSummit

Are you excited? Ready to get started? (You remember this is all free, right?!?)

To get your FREE ticket to the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit, head to DitchSummit.com. Use the sign-up form with your name and email address and you’re in!

Click here to get your FREE ticket to the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit!

With your free ticket, you’ll get email invitations to new videos as soon as they’re released. Plus, we’re doing a BUNCH of really great giveaways with several items valued at $100+ USD!

Here’s the ONLY catch: the videos aren’t available forever. They’re only open while the summit is open, from December 14-31. Once the summit closes at the end of December 31, the videos become unavailable until next year’s summit.

So get your ticket and don’t miss out on this amazing FREE online PD opportunity! PD in your pajamas … how can you beat that?!?

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