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I WANT My Tech Tools to Become OBSOLETE

your tools are obsolete
I WANT My Tech Tools to Become OBSOLETE

your tools are obsolete

When, Not If, Your Tech Becomes Obsolete

Whatever tool you’re currently using… it will become obsolete. It will change, update, or not exist anymore. You’ve invested all your time into getting your curriculum into ___ and then you have to start over. An update eliminated your favorite feature or the interface is totally different and you can not find your way around. This is the new norm. Life is not static, it is always changing. Always something new to learn. [tweet]Embrace change… or just be a grumpy curmudgeon.[/tweet]

I want my software to be obsolete.

While it feels unfun to have to redo things, I like to look at it as an opportunity to rethink and do it better. The age old question… when you clean out a drawer do you remove things or dump it out and put things back? I’m a follower of the later. When we edit or update we are less likely to make innovative changes. I prove this to myself all the time. Starting from scratch will yield a better outcome than edits… but I sometimes am feeling lazy. I probably will edit until I’m forced to redo it.

Always Learning

A software update is not going to make me defeated if I am regularly in the habit of figuring out new technologies. If you’re comfortable and have something figured out, it just means you’re ready to try something else. Technology moves faster than we can keep up.

The skill is adaptability.

Whatever tech tool or tech skill we think students MUST know, it’s likely to change in their lifetime. We need to help students be adaptable to change in tech. [tweet]When an update or new product comes out, it’s a problem if you need someone to show you how to use it.[/tweet] Explore, click on all the menus. Click on all the toolbar icons. What happens if I…

Teach Me Something

Before showing students a tech tool, start with them exploring the tool. Ask them to teach you something. See what they can figure out without you. Then offer some challenges after they have explored. If they do not figure out the features you need them to know, then show them. Start with figure it out, help students be adaptable to technology changes.

2 thoughts on “I WANT My Tech Tools to Become OBSOLETE

  1. It’s the world we are living in! As educators, we have to be nimble. The growth of technology has kept my 33 year teaching career fresh and engaging for me, and hopefully for my students!

  2. Paper visitor stickers in our schools. I don’t think those will be obsolete anytime soon. For some reason, your article made me think of the fact that I still haven’t ordered them for this next school year. Ugh. Thanks though!

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