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4th of July Challenges!

Crop your bitmoji
4th of July Challenges!

Challenges bitmoji

A Few Fun Things To Try

Happy 4th of July. If you’re sitting around waiting for those hot dogs to grill and want to learn a few quick skills here is a short list of challenges.

Crop Your Bitmoji

If you drag your Bitmoji from the Chrome extension onto Google Slides or Drawings you can crop out parts of the image. Double click on the image so that the cropping handles show up (they are black lines.) DRAG from one of the 4 sides the cropping handles to crop out text or other elements of the Bitmoji.
Crop your bitmoji

Master Control T

Control T creates a new tab. I control T, and start typing a website (or paste one) all the time. Such a time saver!
Control T

Then try Control W to close the tab. As an added bonus Control Shift T will bring your tab back.

Make an Animated GIF

I know you were dying to know how I created that animation for the Bitmoji cropping. I used Snagit! Note: Snagit does not work on a Chromebook or tablet. Snagit has educator pricing of $29.99 one time (not a subscription). Download the free trial to start making animated GIF’s.

Click on capture in Snagit. Select a portion of your screen. Choose video record. After clicking stop, Snagit editor opens. Notice in the editing bar of the video is a one click button for GIF! SUPER EASY! A GIF will be created from your video. You can then DRAG the animation right onto Google Slides, Docs, or Drawings from the image tray at the bottom. SUPER EASY AND FUN! Create an animated GIF in Snagit

Try Open Middle Challenges

I was sitting next to an engineer on a plane and I went to openmiddle.com and chose a random math problem. It was interesting! Turns out the problem was for 3rd grade. Open Middle is DOK 2 and DOK 3 level math problems. THINKING and figuring things out is fun. These are not the math challenges you had in school, even if you do problems for primary grades they will be fun to figure out!


DOK 3 math problem challenges

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