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Quiet Students Are More Likely to Ask a Question When They Can Ask Digitally

Some students will never raise their hand in class or come over to your desk. There are a variety of reasons students will not raise their hand. It may be personal, they are afraid of looking stupid in front of their peers, someone else already asked and they don’t want to ask again, or they may just feel uncomfortable speaking up.

Ask a Question Digitally

When students can ask digitally they can safely ask a question. There are many options for allowing students to ask a question:

  • Encourage students to send you an email.
  • Use Google Voice to allow students to text you messages.
  • Share Google Keep note.
  • Connect with students on Voxer.
  • Have students share an Evernote account with you.

Google Classroom Private Comments

My favorite method is to utilize the Private Comments in Google Classroom. Every single assignment created in Google Classroom automatically have a Private Comments spot. This allows students to privately say something to the teacher.
Students can ask a question in private comments

Locate Questions

As a teacher, I can click on any assignment title and see the roster of my students. If they left me a Private Comment I can see a preview of the student question/comment.
Student left a private comment

Reply to Students

Google Classroom Private Comments not only allow students to ask you a question, but also allow you to reply as well. Teacher replies in Google Classroom


Even if a student will ask a question, they may not persist. I remember many times as a student where I did not understand the teacher’s answer, but did not want to admit it in front of all my peers. With Private Comments, students can ask for extended explanation. A back and forth conversation is much more feasible when it is digital rather than during classtime.
Conversation in Private Comments

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