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Gimkit – Student Engagement Made by Students

Gimkit – Student Engagement Made by Students


Gimkit for Formative Assessment

Gimkit has some features that are similar to Kahoot and Quizizz. The questions for Gimkit can be imported from Quizlet. Gimkit is freemium, like many EdTech products. This means there is a free version but you can pay to upgrade to additional features.
Gimkit by Students

Made by Students

You want the best reason to check out Gimkit? High school students created it.
Made by students Gimkit

Create a Class

Copy and paste your roster into GimKit to create a class.
gimkit new class

Create a Kit (Quiz)

Gimkit has a clean interface to create a new quiz from scratch. The default is a multiple choice question, however, you can switch to text input.
Gimkit create a kit

Add a question to Gimkit


Gimkit allows you to preview your quiz as it would look to the students, a nice feature to ensure you know what you’re giving to students.
Gimkit preview

Individually or Team Mode

Students can play individually or in team mode.
team mode in gimkit

Game Mode

Unique to Gimkit is the ability to choose different game modes. Is it a race against time or a challenge to earn a target amount of “cash”?
What is the Game Goal

Share the Code

Currently there is no Share to Classroom button. To have students start the game they will go to gimkit.com/play and enter in the code you display for them.
share the code

Game Play

The default for target play is one million dollars! But the students only earn it $1 to $3 at a time. The students get the same questions over and over until they are able to get to the target amount. I recommend editing that down to a manageable target in the time period. The repeat of the questions is great, let’s focus on success rather than a low score.
game results

During play, students can use their money to “shop.” They can buy bonuses that allow them to earn money more quickly based on if they are on a streak or gamble that they will get it right and thus their win/loss amount is greater.



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