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5 Steps to a Podcast Using Soundtrap

5 Easy Steps to start a podcast with Soundtrap
5 Steps to a Podcast Using Soundtrap

5 Easy Steps to start a podcast with Soundtrap

Create a Podcast with Soundtrap

A podcast is a voice recording that you share with people. It is like a radio show but does not use the radio waves! Podcasts can be perfect for sharing your ideas about a topic you are passionate about. Consider having your students create a podcast about what they are learning. Producing the show can be a great way to make learning sticky and to have a larger audience for your students than you.

1. Soundtrap

Go to http://soundtrap.com and login.
Login with Google

2. Start a Collaboration

One thing that makes Soundtrap so awesome is that it is collaborative! Choose to “Enter studio” or “Start a collaboration.” If you want to create a podcast with someone the “Start a collaboration” allows you to add another Soundtrap user to work on the podcast with you.
Enter the studio or start a collaboration

3. Add a New Track

Click on “Add new track”
Add a new track

and choose “Voice & microphones.”
Choose Voice and Microphone

4. Record with Headphones

Headphones are a must! Record your podcast. Click on Save. Soundtrap has editing features to allow you to cut out those “um’s.” You can also add loops of music to get fancy with your podcast, all built right into Soundtrap.

5. Export as MP3

Use the File menu to “Export” and choose “Export project to mp3 file.” This will download your podcast to your computer.
Use the file menu to export to MP3

I uploaded the mp3 file to Google Drive. As simple as dragging the file right into Google Drive. Click here to link to the podcast file.

CoffeeEDU Podcast

Holly Clark and I have started a new podcast – The CoffeeEDU podcast. A CoffeeEDU is a 1 hour unconference meetup of teachers. Show up, have coffee, talk about whatever you want. Notice the rules do not say talk about teaching? When you get teachers together… they talk about teaching. No rules required. However, a strict rule for CoffeeEDU is that it is exactly one hour to the minute! They are fun and easy, consider hosting one in your town!

We are taking the coffeeEDU concept to a podcast. Do not worry, they will not be an hour or anywhere close to an hour! We are getting educators together to chat about what they want to talk about. No pre-planned interview. Our first CoffeeEDU podcast features Lisa Highfill, Mason Mason, and Ari Flewelling. While this first episode we were all in the same place, by using Soundtrap we will be able to create CoffeeEDU podcasts even when we can not be in the same place at the same time. Have an idea for the podcast or want to be a guest? Fill out our Google Form and let us know!



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