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5 Steps to a Google Form

5 steps to a Google Form (1)

Create a Google Form

Google Forms is the best thing since sliced bread. Here are 5 steps to a Google Form.

1. Create a Form

There are multiple ways to create a Google Form. One is to go to Google Drive and click on the New button and create a new Form. If you go to you can see a filtered list of your Forms as well as template options for creating a new form.

Template Gallery

2. Title the Form

Title the Form and then in the upper left click where it says “Untitled Form.” This will match the Form title.
Title the Form

3. Type Your Question

Google Forms is super smart. It can pretty accurately guess what type of question you want to use. Type the question and see if it guesses correctly that you want multiple choice or short answer.
Multiple choice is the default

Notice when I typed “What is your name” the Google Form automagically changed from Multiple choice to Short answer.
Automagic question type prediction

4. Click on Send to Share

The Send button at the top right gives you multiple options for how to distribute the Form. Sorry, no option to share to Google Classroom! The default is to have you send the Form via email. Notice the link icon to get the link to the Form.
Get the link to the Form

This will give you an option to Copy the link to the Google Form. You can choose to share a short URL if you prefer.
Click on COPY

5. View Responses

After distributing the Form you would like to see what the responses were. You need to be in the Edit screen of the Google Form to view the responses. Go to either or Google Drive and locate the Form.

Locate the Responses tab in the Form. There are 3 ways to view the results. The default is “Summary.” Charts and graphs are automatically created. To view the specific responses of an individual click on the “Individual” button. In my opinion the BEST way to view Google Forms responses is in the spreadsheet. Click on the green spreadsheet icon to view all responses at once.
Locate the responses tab and look for 3 ways to view the results

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