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Ditch That Homework

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Ditch That Homework

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My social media/business manager Erica is going to school to obtain a degree in media communications. Her assignment was to make a viral video, so she made on on homework! Check it out Link to the YouTube Video

Ditch That Homework

There are many things that improve learning. The most important factor is YOU the teacher! The things you do in the classroom and your interactions with students have the most impact on student learning. Why do we give homework? Does homework teach responsibility? No, no research states that. Of all the things that improve learning the practice of homework is at the bottom. Homework is not equitable, the second students cross the plane of our door they have unequal learning environments and lose access to their highly qualified teacher! Homework causes severe stress and fighting. I do not want to be the cause of ruining a families night.

So if homework is not high on the list of things that are effective for learning, why not swap out less effective techniques for more effective.

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