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Steve Isaacs Does His First Quizizz

Quizizz with Steve Isaacs
Steve Isaacs Does His First Quizizz

Quizizz with Steve Isaacs

Have fun with Quizizz

I Periscoped Steve Isaacs experiencing a Quizizz for the first time. Quizizz gamifies multiple choice questions. This is not substitution, Quizizz genuinely makes learning better. Unlike a worksheet, Quizizz builds in engagement. Engagement matters to make learning sticky. Unlike a worksheet, the student gets immediate feedback as to if they were right or wrong. A student cares the most about getting an answer right or wrong in the 5 seconds after answering the question. Later…. even at the end of the quiz… not as much. Now here is where tech allows for improved learning…. after the student does the Quizizz they can PLAY AGAIN! I guarantee that after doing it the first time and getting immediate feedback they learned something. Learning requires persistence. When you fall off your bike, you get back on. You don’t kick it into the gutter and declare that you’re not a bike person. Get back on the bike!!! Let kids take the quiz until they are successful. Our purpose is student learning. Have them do it until they learn.

Watch Steve Quizizz

The video is 12 minutes long. Watch Steve use Quizizz for the first time to do a place value quiz. He then takes it again. At the end of the video Steve talks a little about his experience and gamification and game based learning. Some good stuff, hope you enjoy it! Give Steve a follow on Twitter @mr_isaacs

Steve plays quizizz

Click Here to view the Periscope video.

Quizizz Challenge

Try this challenge. First, do a Quizizz with students. You can do it in live mode or homework mode, I recommend live mode the first time. The next day (or another day) create a multiple choice quiz in a Google Form and make it self grading. Make the exact same multiple choice quiz in Quizizz. Let students choose which platform they will use. Later, ask them why they chose what they chose.

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