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Add an Image to Your Tweet

Twitter Image Template in Google Drawing
Add an Image to Your Tweet

Twitter Image Template in Google Drawing

Add an Image to Your Tweet

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Share What You’re Doing

I love seeing pictures of people’s classrooms and what kids are doing. Please tweet those! Your phone has a camera, super easy to add a picture to your tweet from mobile.

Use a Google Drawing

I heard that tweets get 30% more engagement when they include a picture. What I’ve started doing is leaving a Google Drawing open in a tab. I change the background color and drag a Bitmoji from my Chrome extension to the drawing.
Google Drawing Twitter Image



Background Color

Right click on the Google Drawing to change the background color.

Bitmoji Chrome Extension

You can create an avatar of yourself (let a student make it for you, ha!) using Bitmoji. There is also a phone app and the phone app has better clothing choices. But you also want the CHROME Bitmoji extension. It’s an easy way to add a fun graphic.
Add bitmoji to the Google Drawing

Download Graphic

Use the File menu and choose “Download as” and choose “PNG.”
download as png

Drag Into a Composed Tweet

In both Twitter and Tweetdeck you can drag straight from the Download Bar into the box where you are composing the tweet.
Drag the image from the download bar into a tweet

Drag into Tweetdeck

Control Enter

And just because I like a good keyboard shortcut, try using Control Enter (Command Enter on a Mac) to send that tweet off!

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