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Make Learning Better with Bitmoji

make learning better with Bitmoji
Make Learning Better with Bitmoji

Make Learning Better with Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a cartoon version of you. Warning, some of the Bitmoji’s are very inappropriate. I caution you to consider using it for yourself but to be thoughtful about if you want to assign students to create Bitmoji. I know it sounds crazy to claim that Bitmoji improves learning, but remember that Bitmoji is YOU and your relationship with students is one of the most essential elements to learning! Put yourself into your digital presence with students to make learning better!

Bitmoji gallery

Create a Bitmoji

Google Chrome users create a Bitmoji account here.

Bitmoji for iPhone.

Bitmoji for Android.

Update Your Bitmoji

New Year… new Bitmoji outfit!! The best place to change your Bitmoji clothes is on the app on your phone. There are more clothing choices on the phone app than on the web version.

Use Bitmoji in Instruction Documents

Going digital does not mean the computer is the teacher, YOU ARE! You want yourself sprinkled throughout your digital materials to help create that connection back to you, the students’ teacher.
Math spreadsheets sample Google Doc

Link to sample directions document.

Use Bitmoji for Feedback

You can use the Google Chrome extension to drag Bitmojis directly onto the Google Doc or Google Slides. A Bitmoji thumbs up is beloved by students!
Drag Bitmoji right onto Google Slides

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