Google Docs Email as Attachment

Email a Word Doc or PDF

It isn’t often but sometimes I am needing to send someone a PDF or Word version of my Google Doc. Google Docs will automatically create the attachment for me.

File Menu

Use the File menu and choose “Email as attachment.”
File email as attachment


The default attachment type is PDF. Click on the tiny triangle and change to other file types such as Microsoft Word. You can also choose to “Paste the item itself into the email.” Pasting the item into the email is not a true attachment, it simply takes a picture and the picture of the document is inserted into the email.
PDF or Microsoft Word

Compose the Email

Rather than going to Gmail and figuring out how to attach the PDF of your Google Doc you will simply compose your email right from the “Email as attachment.” The downside, of course, is not being able to compose your email with rich text. Also… no Bitmoji! If that’s okay with you, then this option to send documents works great!
Compose the Email


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