Chrome Extension: Save to Google Drive

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save to google drive

Get It In Drive

When you save everything to Google Drive you have access to it on your mobile device, your computer, or even a friends computer. No more “oh it’s on my other computer, I’ll get it later.”

Chrome Extension

The Save to Google Drive Chrome extension helps you get things into Drive. Install the extension and then right click on things on the web to your Google Drive.
Save to Google Drive


Images you want to save for later, right click and choose to “Save Image to Google Drive.” You can even do this when using the Bitmoji Chrome extension.
save image to google drive

Once your image is in Google Drive it is simple to insert into Google Docs. When using the insert image option, choose the location as “Drive.”
Drive image


The Save to Google Drive Chrome extension gives you the option to rename your picture or save it to a particular folder.
rename image

Save the Webpage

Want to save a what a webpage looks like now for later? For example, viewing a news site, the content on that site will change daily. Click the Save to Drive Chrome extension icon on your extension shelf and a picture of the webpage will be saved to Google Drive.
a picture of your webpage

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