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5 Google Search Tips

5 Google Search tips
5 Google Search Tips

Google Search

5 Google Search Tips

We all search, here are 5 tips for using Google Search.

1) Know the Menu

After doing a search options for filtering the search are offered. By default “All” types of results are shown. Consider clicking on “News” to filter down to news stories about the topic.
Search Menu

Click on “More” to filter the search to Maps, Google Books, Google Flights, or Personal. The Personal search will search your documents for the phrase.
More search options

2) Turn On Tools

The search results do not by default return the most recent results. Click on “Tools” to reveal options for filtering by date.
Click on tools

Click on “Any time” to filter for more recent results or choosing a custom range.
Any time to filter the date

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3) Search Images

You can go to images.google.com or click on the “Images” option after doing a regular Google Search. Choosing Tools when searching Google Images, different options avail.
Google Images tools

Be wary about Usage rights. While you can filter for usage rights this does not necessarily guarantee that the images are not under copyright, always inspect the item yourself. Unless an image is Public Domain, you need to give credit after confirming you have the licence to use the image.
usage rights google image

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Google Apps no longer allows for filtering image searches by clip art. Filter image searches by Type for “Clip art.” Also filter for “Usage rights” to find clip art you have access to. The search results shows a thumbnail of the image, click on the image to view the full size. Use side by side windows to drag the clip art from the image search into Google Apps.
Google Images clipart filtered for reuse

4) Search by Voice

Voice searching is not restricted to your phone. From google.com click on the microphone icon to “ask the universe” for the answer to your questions.
Google search by voice

Google search has a graphing calculator. Ask for the equation.
voice type in google search

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Parabola after asking

5) Use Advanced Search

Using the Settings option in Google Search you can create an advanced search filter without knowing all the tricks such as using quotation marks around phrases.
Settings advanced search

Notice the options on the left side of the Advanced Search builder. By default, your search is looking for all the words somewhere on the page, not necessarily together. By putting your search term under “this exact word or phrase” you are more likely to find the results you are looking for. For example, searching for Google Classroom could result in any webpage talking about Google that relates to classrooms, not necessarily the product “Google Classroom.” Using “this exact word or phrase” will only find search results where the word Google is right next to the word Classroom on the webpage.
Advanced Search filter builder

Instead of searching the entire world wide web, narrow your results down to a specific website. Under the filter for “site or domain:” type in the website URL you would like to search. If you want to see any blog posts I’ve written about DOK, type in alicekeeler.com into “site or domain:.”
Advanced search site or domain

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2 thoughts on “5 Google Search Tips

  1. Great article! I knew the first few tips, but the filtering and advanced searches will be very useful when I have my own classroom! Of course, i’ve still got two years left of college- who knows how much technology will advance by then!

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