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Google Slides: Photos For Class

add images to google slides photos for class
Google Slides: Photos For Class

add images to google slides photos for class

Use Photos For Class in Google Slides

Recently Google has updated how images are inserted into Google Slides (and other Google Apps.) It is important that we remember usage rights and attribution when we or our students use images in Google Slides. The best way to use images is use your own images. Take your own photo. Draw your own picture. Then there are no conflicts with correct photo usage.

Creative Commons images allow you to use images you do not own, however, ATTRIBUTION IS REQUIRED. This means you must give credit! Public domain images do not require attribution, however, if you do know the source it would be good to include the attribution for those as well.

Google Slides Images have No Attribution

In Google Slides, when clicking on the tiny arrow to “Search the web” for images, the choices do NOT offer attribution. It is not apparent where the photo even comes from so it would be difficult to give credit. I checked, many of these images are Creative Commons.
search the web google slides

Without correct attribution, you can NOT use the images.

Photos for Class


One source of Creative Commons images is photosforclass.com. These images are from Flickr where the images were uploaded under a Creative Commons license.

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Automatic Attribution

When pictures are downloaded, the attribution for the image is automatically added to the picture.
Automatic photo attribution

Add the Photo to Google Slides

Images can be dragged into Google Slides from the download folder. Alternatively, the images can be added by choosing “Upload from computer” when inserting an image. While not as convenient as simply searching the web in the sidebar of Google Slides, the attribution is included.

Google Slides Add-ons

Google Slides now allows for Add-ons. Use the Add-on menu to add photo functionality to Google Slides.
free stock photos

Add Photos to Flickr

Contribute to the photo community for students and teachers by adding your photos to Flickr. By default, the photos you add to Flickr are under copyright and others do not have the right to use them.

Change your Settings to Creative Commons

In your Flickr account, you can change the default to Creative Commons. Go to your settings in your Flickr account to change the default.
Go to settings

Click on the “Privacy and Permissions” tab.
Privacy and Permissions Tab

Scroll down and find the “Defaults for new uploads.”

default for new uploads

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Click on “edit” to change from “All rights reserved” to the Creative Commons (or Public Domain) level that you desire.
Change to creative commons

I have mine set to “Attribution Creative Commons” which allows for commercial use also.
attribution creative commons

Install the Flickr App

Now that you’ve changed your upload defaults to Creative Commons, you can use the app on your phone to add photos to Flickr. These can now be photos that students can use in their projects (with attribution of course.)

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