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Go Slow Workshop on Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are one of the most useful things we can use as a teacher. We have to manage a lot of data and information and frankly using spreadsheets helps us to do our job better. Spreadsheets are also a valuable life skill for our students. Looking at this list of best jobs for 2017, all of them would use spreadsheets as part of their work.

Online Workshop

The “Teaching with Google Sheets for Newbies” Go Slow online workshop is a 6-week workshop. The next one starts June 4th 2018, you can join late. The workshop will be offered again.

Make a Spreadsheet

Step 1: Consider using spreadsheets with your students. You don’t have to do any math or know anything fancy to have your students use a spreadsheet. Instead of “why would I use a spreadsheet” think “why would I NOT use a spreadsheet?” It’s a giant table, you can use it for almost everything.

Have students make a list of their vocabulary words in a spreadsheet. It’s super nice because you can easily leave students feedback in the column next to their responses.
have students list stuff in a spreadsheet

Instead of using a Google Doc to have students answer questions, have students put their answer into a spreadsheet. This way the answer line is already made for you. Way easier than a Google text document.
Make a worksheet into a spreadsheet

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