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Go Slow: Spreadsheet Workshop

Go Slow: Spreadsheet Workshop

Google Sheets Go Slow Workshop

Join my Go Slow Online Workshop for Google Sheets


Spreadsheets are fun and very useful! As teachers, just the need to check things off on a roster is huge! The Go Slow workshop is 6 weeks and takes place in Google Classroom. It should take approximately 1 hour a week to do the weekly activities. This workshop will introduce you to Google Sheets and some of the awesome things you can do with Sheets as a teacher.

Limited Time Discount

For this week take advantage of $10 off the spreadsheet workshop by using the code sheets. If you would like to take the plunge and have unlimited access to Go Slow workshops for a year, use this link https://sowl.co/K5Rfo for $100 off the subscription price.

Try It

Sample check off roster

Click Here for a sample spreadsheet.

You can create a Google Sheets spreadsheet by going to sheets.google.com or creating one from Google Drive. Either way, the spreadsheet is saved to Google Drive. This is amazing because you will never lose your spreadsheet! You can access it anytime from your phone (install the Sheets app) or any device that accesses the Internet.

On the spreadsheet paste your roster. It’s summer so I created a practice one for you.

Click on a cell in column D where you want to put a checkbox. You can drag your mouse to highlight several cells. (Tip: Single click on a cell, hold down the shift key, and click on another cell farther down to easily select a whole range.) 

Use the Insert menu and choose “Checkbox.” This will insert a checkbox into every cell that you have highlighted.

insert check boxes

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  1. Do I need to subscribe to Teacher Tech (for a year) for $149 in order to participate in the six Go Slow workshops or can I just sign up for the 6 sessions?

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