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Teaching Math with Google Apps Workshop

Teaching Math With Google Apps Workshop

Teaching math in the 21st century has changed. Technology, specifically Google Apps, along with the Common Core changes how students learn math. Alice Keeler and Diana Herrington teach this workshop which goes over techniques for using Google Apps, Google Classroom and Google Docs for teaching math. This workshop focuses on techniques that can be applied in grades 4-12. Participants will practice using Google Apps to support Common Core math instruction.

This workshop focuses on applications of Google Apps.  Users should have a Google Apps account.  Users are expected to have at least a basic understanding of Google Apps.  We will not cover basics such as creating a Google Doc, but rather how to apply that to teaching math. This workshop is for intermediate users of Google Apps.

Device Requirements

These workshops require the use of a PC, Chromebook, Mac or other non-tablet device. While Google Apps are awesome on a mobile and some mobile features will be addressed in the workshop not all activities are mobile friendly. Chrome extensions, Add-ons and some Google App features such as equation editor do not work on a tablet. To ensure all participants can participate in all activities, we ask that you bring a computer. 

Upcoming Google Math Workshops

July 29: Teaching Math with Google Apps
Hosted by Garland ISD, TX

Location: Bullock Elementary School Library, Garland ISD

Click Here for the registration page.

Cost: $299 per person


August 5: Google Apps for Littles
Hosted by ViewSonic

Location: ViewSonic Corporation Brea, CA

The youngest students on an elementary school campus have the ability to express themselves meaningfully through technology.  Google Apps are among the technology tools that students will be using for many years in their educational careers.  During the Google Apps for Littles Workshop, Alice Keeler and Christine Pinto will provide ideas of how primary aged students can demonstrate their knowledge and creativity when using Google Apps.  Participants will explore Google Classroom and practice making templates to support instruction and the concepts that young students learn.  Tips on how to setup and manage students’ Google Apps accounts on desktop computers, Chromebooks, and iPads will also be shared.  This workshop is intended for those who work with students in grades TK-3rd.
Click Here for the registration page.

Cost: $150 per person



Additional Workshops

Google Apps Workshop for Math Teachers

This workshop is for math teachers (or educators who work with math teachers) who are relatively new to Google Apps. The workshop provides Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Drawings support. This workshop will also cover Google Chrome and other Google Apps. The training is in the context of teaching math with Google Apps. The workshop provides activities and experiences to help math teachers not only become familiar with Google Apps but with using Google Apps to support Common Core math instruction.

This workshop should not be the first time participants have used Google Apps. While the math workshop assumes limited experience with Google Apps it is not a strictly in-depth Google Apps experience. The activities focus on teaching math. This workshop is a lighter version of the “Teaching Math with Google Apps” workshop with more time spent on Google Apps tips and going slower.

More Math with Google Apps

Using Google Apps should allow for changes in how we approach teaching math. In modern math classes, we are able to use Google Apps to have students engage in more critical thinking, in collaboration activities and to address the 4 C’s and the 8 mathematical practices. You’ve taken the “Teaching Math with Google Apps” workshop and want more. More math ideas, more examples, more time to play and create. This workshop is intended as a follow-up to the “Teaching Math with Google Apps” workshop. Participants will go more into teaching math with Google Apps to support Common Core math instruction.

Arranging Workshops

To set up a Google Math workshop at your school please contact Shelley Burgess shelley@daveburgessconsulting.com

To inquire about bringing Alice Keeler out to your event or school please contact shelley@daveburgessconsulting.com.