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Go Slow Online Workshops

Go Slow with Alice Keeler
Go Slow Online Workshops

Go Slow with Alice Keeler

I am trying out something new. One thing that is always a challenge when you have a PD day is that you have only that day to learn everything. No surprise we are totally wiped out at the end of a PD day. I’ve had some friends encourage me to make an online course of videos… but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m passionate about online learning and that interactions are important. So I am trying a GO SLOW series. Online workshops that take place over 6 weeks. Learn a little, practice, learn a little more, practice… Each week is a new set of activities to try out. But we interact and learn from each other. This is a workshop not a course.

6 Weeks

Instead of a 6 hour PD, let’s spread it out over 6 weeks. Spend about an hour a week.

New Things Each Week

Each week I will post some new activities, nothing that takes very long. Then provide you with an independent practice assignment to try something with your students.

No Particular Time

The Go Slow workshops are asynchronous which means they do NOT require you to be online at any particular time.


Going slow allows everyone to interact with each other (and me), to ask questions and to share!

Google Classroom

The online platform we will use is Google Classroom.

Go Slow Workshops

You can find the workshops listed on my events page: alicekeeler.com/events
The dates listed indicate the start of the 6 weeks. Remember you do NOT have to be online on that particular day or time. I keep adding new workshops, check the events website for more.


Taking Suggestions

What Go Slow workshops would you like to participate in? Fill out this Google Form

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