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Twitter: 140 Characters or 280

Twitter 140 keep it short

Twitter: Keep It Short

I have always said the genius of Twitter is you have to be clever. I can scroll quickly through my Twitter stream to find those golden nuggets that make me a better teacher. Now Twitter has ruined it! 280 characters makes it seem more like I’m trudging through my email rather than having quick little learning bites.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

As you compose a tweet you will notice a circle in the bottom corner indicating how much of your now 280 characters you’ve used. Don’t let it get past half! 
Watch the circle

A short tweet, people have to read it to realize they don’t want to read it. A long tweet, you can gloss over and scroll past. If you want to communicate your ideas, keep it short!

140 Chrome Extension

The 140 Chrome extension by Slate returns Twitter back to a readable fast scroll. It truncates all long tweets to 140 characters. Whew. Sadly, it doesn’t work on Tweetdeck.
140 Chrome extension

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