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Bathroom Sign Out Sheet

Bathroom Sign Out
Bathroom Sign Out Sheet

Bathroom Sign Out Sheet

Sheets Add-on: Bathroom Sign Out

One of the early projects I coded was a bathroom sign out sheet for Google Sheets. I was surprised how many people liked the spreadsheet. Since I first coded the bathroom spreadsheet, Google Apps as added Add-ons. I have updated the sign out sheet to be an Add-on with some new upgraded features.

Join Beta Testers


By requesting to join the beta testing group you can permanently add this Add-on to your Add-on menu. Find the thread for the Add-on “Bathroom Check Out Sheet.” The first message contains a link to install from the Chrome webstore.
Bathroom Check Out sheet in beta testers

If you would rather just have a copy of the template, click here. Look for “Bathroom” in the Add-on menu.


After installing the Add-on you will be asked to authorize the script. You are giving YOURSELF permission to access your Google Apps. Because I have not gotten the code verified by Google they might give you a very scary warning. I did not code anything malicious, it only allows you to access your own Google Sheets and your own Gmail.

Look for tiny words that say “Advanced” rather than the big blue “Return to safety” button. Then below that will be a link to “Go to Bathroom (unsafe).” Click on it, it’s safe. It’s just telling you that Google has not approved it.

Add-on Menu

Open a spreadsheet and go to the Add-on menu and choose “Bathroom.” From the menu choose “Setup” to insert a new sheet into the spreadsheet that has the Time Out and Time In headers created.

YouTube video


I recommend that you go to the Add-on menu and choose “Sidebar” from the Bathroom menu. This allows students to simply click a button to check out and to check back in, thus avoiding using the Add-on menu each time.

Check Out

Clicking the Check out button on the sidebar will prompt the student for their name. The date, time and students name is automatically placed on the spreadsheet.

Check In

When the student returns from the restroom they simply need to click the “Check In” button. This will add the date and time onto the spreadsheet.


Just as an added protection, the spreadsheet will automatically email the spreadsheet owner notifying them that a student has left for the bathroom. A second email is sent when the student returns from the restroom. The purpose of the email is to verify the date and time. If a student decides to be mischevious and edit the date and time you can refer to the email to show what the actual times were.

I recommend you set up a filter in your Gmail to have those emails skip the Inbox. You only need the emails if you need to verify against the information on the spreadsheet.

Hide Rows

As the spreadsheet gets filled up you may want to hide some of the rows. You can do this manually or use the “Hide Rows” feature in the menu.
Hide rows

Make a New Spreadsheet

If you signed up to be a Beta tester the Add-on is permanently in your Add-on menu. You can make a new bathroom sign out sheet each week simply by creating a blank spreadsheet. You only needed to authorize the Add-on when you installed it, so next time it will be faster and easier. Use the Add-on menu in your new sheet to setup the Bathroom sheet and you are good to go.

Multiple Sign Outs

This sign out sheet does not account for multiple students being out of the room at the same time. The Check out and Check in button work on the “active sheet.” This means you can use the Add-on menu to choose “Setup” to create multiple tabs at the bottom.
Setup multiple tabs in the spreadsheet

If a student has checked out but not checked back in, the next student can check out and check back in on the other tab.

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  1. This is great! You must be in a time zone that is 2 hours behind mine. Is there a way to change the time zone to Central Time?

    Cathy W.

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