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Twitter Tip: Exclude Tweets in Your Search

exclude tweets
Twitter Tip: Exclude Tweets in Your Search

exclude tweets

Some Twitter Tips

The number one users of Twitter are educators! I don’t use Twitter like Facebook and I don’t follow people who do. One of the best things you can do for yourself as an educator is to create a Twitter handle just for teaching and tweet about teaching.

[tweet]Twitter is for teaching, Facebook is for food. [/tweet]


I use Tweetdeck.com to manage my Twitter. It has a lot of features that make Twitter easier to use. The best feature, in my opinion, is the multiple columns that allow me to monitor multiple hashtags all at once.
Make columns in Tweetdeck

Create a Column

Using the search icon in the upper left type in the hashtag you are wanting to keep track of. Press enter and a column is automatically created. Alternatively, if you see a tweet with a hashtag, click on the hashtag and a column will be created.
Search for a hashtag

Hashtag Hijack

Sometimes a hashtag is being used by more than one group. For example, I am watching the hashtag #CUE. A group in a foreign country is also using the hashtag.

not official users of the hashtag

Block Users

In Tweetdeck, click on the 3 dots and choose “Block.” Then you will not see that person’s tweets anymore. You can instead “Mute” that person’s tweets, but do not forget later to go back and unmute them.
block someone on twitter


If you can find something that repeats in the hijacked hashtag tweets you can EXCLUDE tweets with that phrase or hashtag. Click on the column settings icon in the upper right of the column in Tweetdeck.
Twitter column settings icon


Where it says “Content” notice there is a tiny triangle. This expands out options.
Tiny triangle

In the “Excluding” box type the word, phrase, or hashtag that you want to exclude.

For Fall CUE you want to exclude this hashtag
Exclude this hashtag

Now all those hijacked hashtag tweets go away!

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