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Google Slides Explore Tool Color Match

Color Match Google Slides Explore Tool
Google Slides Explore Tool Color Match

Color Match Google Slides Explore Tool

Google Slides Explore Tool Color Match

Google uses machine learning in Docs, Sheets, and Slides to help us to be more productive. The Explore tool in each of these products reads your content and gives you suggestions for information you may want to know. In Google Slides you can not only explore content from your Slides and search the web for information you can get help with your presentation design.

Explore Tool Google Slides

Dynamically Suggests Designs

The Explore tool in Google Slides reads your content on the slide and provides design suggestions. As you make changes to the slide, the design suggestions also change.
Suggested layouts in Google Slides

Notice that when I add an image to the slide, the layout suggestions change.
Picture changed layout suggestions

If I choose the first layout, notice it is giving me this yellow color theme. I prefer purple. I want to change this so I use the View menu and choose “Master.”
View master in Google Slides

Using the fill paint can, I changed the yellow shapes to purple.
Use the paint can to change the shapes on the slide master.

Layout Suggestions Update to Match Colors

Inserting a new slide I type a single word and view the slide suggestions. Now the suggestions are in the same purple color I used from the previous slide. The Explore tool used to always give a bright yellow background for that same layout, now Explore has gotten smarter and provides a color to go with your presentation rather than a default color.
Slide suggestions change color

I added a third slide and changed the background color to blue. Adding a 4th blank slide, I typed a single word and now the layout suggestions are blue instead of purple.
Background color is blue and now blue suggestions

DRAG the slide in the flimstrip on the left and the slide design suggestions will change based on the colors in the previous slide.
Drag the slide position on the left and the color options change for the slide suggestions




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