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Google Classroom: Post to Multiple Classes

Google Classroom assign to multiple classes

Assign an Assignment to Multiple Classes at Once

Do you teach multiple sections of the same class? You can assign to more than one class at the same time.

Tiny Triangle

While crafting a Google Classroom assignment notice in the upper left it shows what class this assignment is “For.” It should show the current class title. Notice the tiny triangle to the right of the class title the assignment is for. Click on it.
Click tiny triangle to assign to multiple classes at once

This will give you a list of your Google Classroom classes. Checkbox the classes you want to assign to. (Tip, make sure all of your Google Classroom classes are a different color. This makes it much easier to identify which ones you’re assigning to.) Click back on the assignment to exit the list of classes. The assignment should now say it is “For” 2 classes (or however many you chose.)
Assign to multiple classes show count of classes

No Scheduling

You can not schedule an assignment to multiple classes. If you want the assignment to appear at a certain time you will have to post individually to each class. The trick is to instead save the assignment as a draft and then publish it manually (to all desired classes) at the time you wish to post it. Set a Google Calendar reminder perhaps. Of course, this does not solve the problem of assigning to each class at different times. You will need to “Reuse post” (do NOT check the checkbox to copy attachments, they are not attachments they are in linked to Google Drive.)

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