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Bitmoji Google Sheets

In Google Docs and Slides you can DRAG Bitmoji from the Chrome extension right onto the document. Not true for Google Sheets.

Insert Drawing

One way to add Bitmoji to your spreadsheet is to use the Insert menu and insert a drawing. You can then DRAG your Bitmoji right onto the drawing canvas and the Bitmoji floats on top of the spreadsheet.


If you want the Bitmoji IN the cell you want to get the Image Address. Click on the Bitmoji Chrome extension and right click on your Bitmoji of choice and choose “Copy Image Address.”
copy image address

Merge Cells

If you use =image(“https://render.bitstrips.com/v2/cpanel/10139707-128960944_3-s1-v1.png?transparent=1&palette=1” in a cell it will be really tiny! Your picture will be the size of the cell. TIny bitmoji

Instead, first merge some cells together to give you a large BOX for your Bitmoji.
Merge Cells

In the large block of cells now use the formula =IMAGE(”
Notice the quotation mark

Paste the image address of your Bitmoji you copied from the Chrome extension. End with a quote and parenthesis. Press enter.






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