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Google Forms: Reuse Your Bell Ringer

Google Forms: Reuse Your Bell Ringer

Reuse Bell Ringer

Reuse the Same Google Form Daily

Making new stuff every day = Tiring. Instead, just reuse the same Google Form every day and take advantage of sorting and filtering.

Plan Carefully

If you are going to reuse a Form you will want to consider what will happen when you reuse. This will be a learning process to be sure. Good news is you can always go back to the Google Form and add questions, remove questions, edit questions or change the question type.

Use Multiple Choice

As a general rule of thumb, you want to not let students type anything you will want to sort or filter by! Use a Multiple Choice or Dropdown question type whenever possible! Do not rely on the timestamp for date. Suggestion to create a Multiple choice question with the bell ringer date on it. (Timestamp also includes the time, which means you can not filter by date)
Multiple Choice Bell Ringer Date

In this sample, I ask for student first and last name separately so I can sort by last name. I use “Dropdown” for the period the student is in. If you are sharing this Google Form with another teacher be sure to have a multiple choice question that asks for teacher.
Dropdown period for student information

Two Questions

For the bell ringer you want to create 2 questions (or pairs of questions) on the Google Form. The first question is a Dropdown style that there is one answer option and that option is the question. This puts the day’s question into the spreadsheet so your spreadsheet is not just answers. If you are reusing the Google Form the column headers in the spreadsheet will not reveal the daily question, thus you need to ask what is today’s question? what is todays question

You may want to start the question with the date so you can leave up multiple questions if some students have not taken it yet. For example, if Joe is absent on Monday, will he do Monday’s bell ringer on Tuesday when he comes back? If yes, you’ll want an option for Monday’s question.
List multiple questions in the question

Students choose the question and in the question following it, answer the question.

Edit Form Daily

Instead of creating a new Form every day, just edit the same one. Remove or edit the questions in the Multiple Choice or Dropdown question.
Remove or edit the options


Do not forget to go to the Responses tab and create a spreadsheet. You can sort and filter the information in the spreadsheet to eliminate the need to have a separate Form or spreadsheet every day.



I have created a 5 question template for you if you would like. Make a copy of the Google Form template and adjust the questions to your liking. Then keep reusing the same Form over and over again.



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