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Watch John McGowan Share EquatIO For Math Symbols

EquatIO by Texthelp

Yesterday John McGowan, author of g(math), shared at the Google Math workshop on how awesome the new EquatIO Chrome extension by Texthelp is. Insert math and science symbols with predictive text, voice commands or handwriting to text.

EquatIO for Math

John McGowan EquatIO

Watch John McGowan share on Periscope about the new Chrome extension EquatIO.


Universal Design Learning (UDL) is an important thing to consider when using digital materials. Is it accessible for ALL students?

Texthelp has some amazing products such as Read&Write and Fluency Tutor that help not only with reading and writing skills but makes information accessible. EquatIO is mindblowing for how easy it is to get math symbols into a Google Doc or Form but also math is now accessible. In conjunction with the Read&Write Chrome extension, math can now be read aloud by the computer.

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