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Google Form: Peer Collaboration Evaluation Template

peer collaboration evaluation form

I have my students work in Collaborative Learning Groups (CLG’s). I learned this from the amazing Jackie Gerstein. I intentionally design collaboration activities that they will do with their CLG. Writing COLLABORATION super huge at the top of your lesson plans is one of the things I suggest. The CLG group provides students a support system and helps students to be more independent of me.

Peer Collaboration Google Form

I ask students to evaluate their collaboration with their CLG and the group members. A Google Form is perfect for this.




Edit the Form

The template is generic, you will want to edit the Google Form to suit your needs. I highly recommend that you do NOT let students type in the names of their peers. It will make a mess of your data. Instead, use the dropdown question type to paste your roster of students. Click on “Option 1” for the dropdown question type and use Control V to paste your roster. It will fill in each student into a new choice. Quickly repeat for each group member.
Paste Roster

The template has 6 group members (for a total of 7 collaborators) possibly this is too many for your student collaboration groups. Delete the questions that you don’t need.

Create a Spreadsheet

Do not forget to go to the “Responses” tab and click on the spreadsheet icon.
Create a spreadsheet

Conditional Formatting

In the spreadsheet select the column with the ratings. (Tip: You can hold down the Control key and select multiple columns at once.)
Select columns with ratings

Right click or use the formatting menu to choose “Conditional formatting.” This will open a sidebar for you to create conditional formatting rules.
Conditional formatting side panel

The default for formatting is “Cell is not empty.” Change this to “Is equal to.”
is equal to

Set the condition to be 1 and use the paint can in the sidebar to highlight those cells red.
paint red

Click on “Add another rule.”
Add another rule

This will copy that formatting rule, thus preserving the range of selected cells. Edit the formatting rules for this second rule. Change “Is equal to” to “Less than.” and edit the 1 to a 5 and change the paint color to orange.
format the cells less than 5 orange

Choose “Add another rule” again. Edit this third rule to be “Less than” 7 and paint the cells yellow.
less than 7 is yellow

Click “Done.” Your list of formatting rules will appear in the sidebar.
list of formatting rules

Sample Data

If you would like to practice CLICK HERE to make a copy of the spreadsheet.

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