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EquatIO – Voice Type Your Math

EquatIO voice type your math
EquatIO – Voice Type Your Math

EquatIO voice type your math

The Add-on g(math) has received a facelift and has been upgraded to the Chrome extension EquatIO. EquatIO makes it easier to add math symbols to your Google Slides, Docs and Forms. It is FREE for teachers!

Voice Type with EquatIO

Install the Chrome extension EquatIO and start a Google Doc (or Form). Click on the EquatIO extension icon to activate it. Click on it again to hide it.
EquatIO Chrome extension

Diana Herrington teach math with tech
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A toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press the record icon (Start speech recognition) and say not only your math but ask for symbols such as “angle” or common formulas such as “quadratic formula.” Pause the speech recognition and press enter in the speech box to convert to math symbols. Insert the math into the Google Doc with the press of a button.
voice type math symbols toolbar

Using EquatIO to type math

YouTube video

Find out more about EquatIO by following the hashtag #EquatIO on Twitter.




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