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Paperless Is Not a Pedagogy

Alice Keeler

Available on Amazon: Teaching Math With Google Apps

Teaching Math with Google Apps available now on Amazon
Available on Amazon: Teaching Math With Google Apps

Teaching Math with Google Apps

Available on Amazon

Teaching Math with Google Apps: 50 G Suite Activities

The paperback version is now available on Amazon. Soon the Kindle version will be available. The book will also be available on Barnes and Noble. For bulk purchasing please email shelley@daveburgessconsulting.com

Note: If Amazon says temporarily out of stock, it is only out of stock one day. They print on demand essentially. You should still get it soon if you order when out of stock. 

Teaching Math with Google Apps

It’s been almost a 2-year process for Diana and myself to get this book together. Mostly because when we get together we can not help but nerd out and make math resources. This book is full of ideas for teaching math using G Suite and Google Apps. We have a plethora of templates and samples to help you get moving with using technology to teach math.

Teaching math in the 21st century is not the same as it was before. Technology affords us the opportunity to increase connections and relationships. How can we make learning BETTER not just paperless? Following the 5 E’s lesson plan design (Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, and Evaluate) notice that Explore comes before Explain. Technology allows for students to explore mathematical ideas, to deepen UNDERSTANDING of concepts, to make real connections and to value different approaches to solving a problem.

Collaborative Slides

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge spreadsheet fan. “The answer is always a spreadsheet.” Surprisingly though, Diana and I discovered that the trick to teaching math is Google Slides. Each slide as its own canvas for students to clearly communicate their ideas and to collaborate. Try having students share a single Google Slides to show their thinking. Ask classmates to “critique the reasoning of others” by inserting feedback comments.

Do a math problem wrong

One of my favorite activities is to have students use a collaborative Google Slides where each student inserts a picture of a math problem… they did wrong. Analyzing mistakes is a great way to increase the critical thinking (DOK levels) in a lesson. This shifts from students doing math problems in isolation at their desk to students working together to create “a community of learners who helps each other get better.”

Stanford math professor Jo Boaler, in her book Mathematical Mindsets, says that when we make mistakes is when our brain grows. Using collaborative tools such as Google Slides allows us to interact with students to have those discussions around mistakes and make student brains “more wrinkly.”


Diana and I are beyond honored to have Jo Boaler as the foreword writer for the book. We are huge fans of her work. Check out youcubed.org for activities and ideas for teaching math to help all students find success in maths.

We don’t know what mathematics students will need in their future lives; technology is changing at such a fast pace that most of the mathematics students are learning in school now will be obsolete when they enter the workplace. What we know we will need in the future are people who can problem solve, who can think quantitatively about the world, and who can reason with their ideas. -Jo Boaler

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Volume 2

Stay tuned for Volume 2 of Teaching Math with Google Apps. We had so many activities and ideas we were unable to cram them all into this book.

Teaching Math with Google Apps Workshops

Join Alice Keeler and Diana for a day of learning how to teach math using technology. Check the events calendar for our next workshop.


May 4th Boston – Join Alice Keeler for a Teaching Math with Google Apps workshop.
June 13th Florida – Join Diana Herrington for a workshop on Using Technology to Teach Math.

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