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7 Reasons to Attend an ASCD Conference

7 reasons to attend an ASCD conference
7 Reasons to Attend an ASCD Conference


7 Reasons to Attend an ASCD Conference

Guest Blog post by Michele Hill

  1. You get to meet some of your eduheroes in person! People like Todd Whitaker, Baruti Kafele, Lavonna Roth, Neil Gupta, Alice Keeler, Danny Steele–and very special to me, my co-presenters: Jen Hogan, Lisa Dabbs and Deb Campbell were all in attendance. Incredible energy right there folks; harness it!!
  2. You learn how to create a team and leverage their gifts to collectively strive for greatness in your school and in your classroom.
  3. You are reminded of your “WHY”, and you are challenged to hold it close to your heart EVERY day. We are educators; our “WHY” is our students– and what is best for them. Don’t ever lose sight of that!
  4. You grow your PLN even more. Everyone knows something that you don’tconnect with them, be inspired by them, be challenged by them. Continue learning and growing, if you don’t, you’ll get stuck!
  5. You build confidence in your own gifts and skill set. When you collaborate with others, they validate you and your successes. It’s like having your own cheerleading team. Hip-Hip Hooray!!
  6. Resources are plentiful! You can find something that will enhance, improve or completely shift what you are doing right now.  New curriculum ideas, cool technology, books and other innovative resources can breathe energy back into a classroom or school. Keep relevant, see what’s new!
  7. You are reminded that “if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together!” (African Proverb), thanks for the reminder Neil Gupta! Bring along others in your journey and join other passionate people in theirs, after all…we are all in this together!

Boston 24-26th, 2018

So, you see–you can’t afford to not attend @ASCD next year in Boston on March 24-26th, 2018              

Mark your calendars now; you won’t be disappointed!

Michele Hill @HillMrispo is a teacher in Delsea Regional High School and an ASCD Member

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