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Google Forms Email Notifications

Email Notifications in Google Forms

Google Forms Email Notifications

If you are using a Google Form that you expect infrequent submissions on, you may want an email notification when someone fills out your Form.


This is just a fun tip. If you put /create at the end of forms.google.com it quickly creates a Google Form for you.


Responses Tab

On the Edit screen of Google Forms is the Responses tab. Look for the 3 dots “More options” menu.
responses tab in Google Forms

Under the 3 dots is the option to “Get email notifications for new responses.”
email notifications

2 thoughts on “Google Forms Email Notifications”

  1. Hi Alice,
    I have a classroom snapshot/walk-through form that I use, and I’d like to set it up to send a copy of my comments to the teacher when I hit submit. I have not been successful figuring this out so far. Any suggestions?
    Greg Florence, Principal
    Kitty Hawk Elementary School

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