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Google Hangout from Google Calendar

Google Hangout from Google Calendar

google hangouts calendar

Google Hangout from Google Calendar

When trying to connect with people on a Google Hangout video chat I find the easiest way to do that is to use Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Event

Go to calendar.google.com and create a calendar event by clicking on the day and time you wish to create the Google Hangout video meeting. Click on “Edit event.”

google calendar create an event

Set Up the Calendar Invite

invite guests onto the hangout

  1. Title your meeting or hangout something meaningful.
  2. Determine the date and time of the hangout.
  3. Your settings may add a video call by default. If it does not there should be a link to create a video call for the hangout.
    click to add a video call
  4. On the right-hand side enter the email addresses of those who will be joining the Google Hangout.
  5. If you have any resources in Google Drive that pertain to this meeting, click on “Add attachment.” Even if participants already have access to the documents, why make them look for them when it comes time for the meeting.
  6. Click Save.

Time for the Video Chat

When it is time for the call all guests are able to find the video chat simply by going to their Google Calendar.
click on event

Within the event details is the link to the Google Hangout. Click “Join meeting.”
google hangout link


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