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892 Quia Math Activities

quia math activities alice keeler
892 Quia Math Activities

quia math activities alice keeler

Alice Keelers 892 Quia Math Activities

As a math teacher, I typed up ALL my math curriculum into quia.com/web. Evidence that the entire math book and curriculum was pretty much DOK 1. By moving the exact same math problems off of paper and onto Quia I was able to change how my class operated.

I use my words to encourage students and increase critical thinking.

The goal is to try to increase student understanding, number fluency and increase critical thinking. Extra time did not appear out of thin air so in order to do this we have to approach how we teach math differently.

Immediate Feedback

Rather than assigning 30 problems whether they needed them or not, I asked the students to do 3 – 5 problems in a row correctly. This allowed me to differentiate how much practice each student needed. What Quia will allow me to do is to provide students feedback after every question. This is better than giving the answers at the end. It is soul sucking to find out AFTER you did several problems (even just 3) that you did it wrong and need to redo them. [tweet]Receiving immediate feedback is motivating.[/tweet] Bonus is I do not have to grade rote practice. [tweet]I get to use my time in more productive ways that can lead to improved student learning.[/tweet]

Do Not Practice Wrong

Practicing wrong is not a good thing. If a student does a Quia math question incorrectly they may attempt a second one. Getting two wrong in a row… they should not do a 3rd. Before progressing on, the student needs to review, get help, receive feedback. I suggest you resist the urge to say “let me show you.” This is doing the thinking for the student. Instead, ask the student more questions. Help the student to understand through the student doing the work. Warning: Students do not like it when you answer a question with a question. However, this is good teaching.

The List of Activities

I copied and pasted all the links to my activities from Quia into a spreadsheet. Some are of higher quality than others. Steal and modify to suit your needs.

Link to spreadsheet list.

Look at the tabs along the bottom. Games and Quizzes are listed separately. I have 50,000 questions in this question bank, I am sure it’s understandable that I am not going to go in and try to locate typos. If you find a typo, make a copy of the activity and you’ll have editing access to correct it. You should make a copy of the activity to your account anyway so you can track your students data.


IXL, the parent company of Quia, has a new product for creating games out of content. Sugarcane. You may want to check this out for creating your own activities.




You may also like to try goformative.com. I completely agree with the phrase on their website “Giving feedback has the highest impact on student learning.”

instant feedback impacts learning


I’m just going to say it. [tweet]ALL math teachers should be using Desmos (desmos.com) with their students.[/tweet] Move from “doing math” to exploring math. Follow @ddmeyer and @mathdenisnj on Twitter. They make cool Desmos stuff!

explore math with desmos

Link to activity

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