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Create a Tutorial with SlideShot and Explore Tool

SlideShot Google Slides Tutorials
Create a Tutorial with SlideShot and Explore Tool

SlideShot Google Slides Tutorials

Create a Tutorial with SlideShot and Explore Tool

Want to create a Google Slides with a tech tutorial? Try using the SlideShot Chrome Extension and the Explore tool built into Google Slides.

Sample Tutorial

To demonstrate how to use my alicekeeler.com/pulltheparagraph Add-on I started a SlideShot from the Chrome extension and went through the steps to Pull the Paragraph from student Google text documents in Google Drive. This sucks each paragraph out of the text documents and puts them into a spreadsheet. It’s like students filled out a Google Form but didn’t. This allows you to go down the spreadsheet and view each students writing and provide feedback without ever having to open a student document. SlideShot automatically captured a screenshot of me going through the steps every minute. I also manually added screenshots using the Chrome extension when necessary.

Link to tutorial


SlideShot allows you to manually add screenshots and it also takes a screenshot every minute. The screenshots are saved into Google Drive automatically. Choosing finish on the extension automatically creates a Google Slides presentation of the screenshots.

Text Box

SlideShot automatically places a text box to the right of the slide. This makes it quick to describe the step that is going on in the screenshot.
Text box on SlideShot

Explore Button

Google Slides Explore tool automatically gives suggestions for layouts to make your slides look nicer!
explore tool in Google Slides

Choose a layout that you like. The text boxes are automatically moved to an attractive location.
attractive layouts

Tutorial Done

Super quick you have a tutorial done!

Have the Students Do It

One thing I suggest is NOT showing students how to do technology. If you show them 5 things then that is the only 5 things they will click on. Try giving them some time to explore the tool and share out what they figured out. SlideShot and the Explore tool is a great way for them to share what they learned.

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