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Quickly Create 7 Copies of DiscussionTab

-Discussion Tab multiple classes

My DiscussionTab template allows you to facilitate class discussions using Google Sheets. Create a list of discussion questions in Column A (and tab names in Column B) and run the DiscussionTab menu to create a sheet for each question. Share the spreadsheet with the class with editing permissions.


Multiple Classes

If you teach multiple sections of a class you will need a copy of the spreadsheet for each period. AFTER creating your list of discussion questions and running DiscussionTab, go back to the menu and choose “Run Multiple Classes.”
run multiple classes from the discussiontab menu

Google Drive

7 copies of the template are created in Google Drive. I figured it was faster to delete copies you didn’t want than have to specify which periods you do want. Go to Google Drive and click on “Recent” on the left hand side to find a copy for each period.
7 copies for each period

Single click on the files you do not want, hold down control to select multiple files, and click on the trashcan in the toolbar.
use the trashcan in the toolbar

The hashtag (Shift 3) will also delete files in Google Drive.
hashtag to delete files in Google Drive

If you want to rename one of the files, press the PERIOD key.


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