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SlideShot + Google Slides Explore Tool

Google Slides Explore Tool and SlideShot Chrome Extension Alice Keeler
SlideShot + Google Slides Explore Tool

SlideShot + Google Slides Explore Tool

The Explore tool in Google Slides is relatively new. It uses machine learning to predict attractive layouts for the slide. I have to admit it almost instantly became one of my favorite features. You can locate the Explore tool icon in the bottom right corner.
Explore tool icon in Google Slides SlideShot Explore tool

While creating a slide, click on the Explore icon to bring up a side panel with layout suggestions.
Explore tool icon


The Alice Keeler SlideShot Chrome extension takes a screenshot every minute and saves the screenshot to Google Drive. Choosing “Finish” on the extension automatically creates a Google Slides presentation in Google Drive.

After clicking on “Finish” students can find the Slides in their Google Drive.
Choose finish in SlideShot

click on Recent to locate slides in Google Drive

The Slides presentation has a slide for each minute the student was working while using the SlideShot extension. There is ample room on the slide for students to add a text box to explain their thinking and to clearly communicate their ideas.
Screenshot per slide


A screenshot and a text box is fine, but kinda boring. Using the Explore tool the student can choose a more attractive layout to more clearly communicate their ideas.
Explore Tool makes the boring slide better

The Explore tool reads the content on the slides and makes adjustments to the recommended layouts.
add a textbox and the layout suggestions change

Google Classroom

Students can easily submit their SlideShot slides to Google Classroom by clicking on the “Add” button on their assignment and choosing “Google Drive.” 
Submit Google Slides to Google Classroom

SlideShot Explore tool

SlideShot Explore tool

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